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In our present world, we operate in an era which is gradually swirling away from stereotypes especially with the advent of digitalization and in recent times automation which incorporates the use of technological applications with limited human intervention. The Internet of Things (IoT) has reshaped traditional industries combining both the physical and digital worlds to produce what is known today as Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Factories, Connected Vehicles, etc. the result being greater productivity and the ease with which many things are done.

With the apparition of COVID-19 that imposed the stay at home syndrome, many businesses that rely on top IoT companies have been greatly affected with declines in transportation and industrial sectors, the health sector however relatively witnessed increase profits from using IoT technologies.

As the different sectors whose activities depend on top internet of things companies, strategize on how to use the IoT to their advantage in this “social distancing” era, factors like scalability, cost, recovery in case of failover and interoperability for third party installations should be considered to choose IoT suppliers. With the latter already in mind, CloudiAfrica has come up a list of some top IoT companies to consider if you opt for automation or the smart solutions IoT suppliers offer:

1. Vates

Vates is a prototyping IoT company made up of about 550 staff with expertise in IoT Engineering, software engineering, robotics and big data engineering. Vates provides automation services like; end-to-end IoT solutions, IoT software development, IoT integrator and IoT Hardware Knowledge.

2. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is an IoT software development and consulting company with about a 1000 staff with expertise in domains like Cloud computing, Data Science, Data Analysis, Datacenter, and Application Development. Sciencesoft optimizes the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, oil & gas, telecommunications sectors with scalable IoT applications.

3. Armis Security 

From its name, Armis security is an IoT company in the domain of cybersecurity hence protects newly connected devices on the IoT platform from cyber-attacks in a fast time record.  Armis security has in-depth expertise in the asset inventory, risk management, detection & response, and assisting customers in creating Zero Trust frameworks to protect all devices it is connected to. Armis security sector of IoT suctioning is in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and high tech industries.

4. HQSoftware

 HQSoftware is an IoT development company with tech engineers in domains like IoT solutions development, AR/VR applications, custom software, web/mobile development, quality assurance, prototyping, maintenance. HQSoftware engineers provide IoT products in domains like Industrial sector, Healthcare sector, Automotive, Smart City, etc.), Augmented and Virtual Reality, E-learning and Banking.

5. Bastille

Bastille is a corporate security internet of things provider that protects companies from threats in its airspace through a defined software-radio frequency called the internet of radios. Bastille’s area of expertise is unique with the availability of a commercial IoT product that is capable of locating cell phones indoors using only cellular signals.

6. Siemens

A company with over 10,000 employees, Siemens is well known for providing products, solutions and services for building and operating microgrids. Also, Siemens has an open IoT operating system i.e. MindSphere. Siemens is a solution provider for industries, healthcare, energy, and infrastructure & Cities, Manufacturing, Digitalization, Financial Services, etc.

7. Verizon

Verizon is a telecommunication company with a goal of simplifying the internet of things through its vast network of devices and applications. Verizon has a platform – ThingSpace an interoperable IoT application. Verizon is generally made up a team of coders in software engineering providing services in various domains like smart cities, telematics (route planning for delivery trucks), mobile commerce, asset tracking and management, 4G networks with services specifically for IoT.

8. SAP

SAP is a tech company and IoT solutioner with products like Digital Platform, Intelligent Technologies, Analytics, CRM and Customer Experience. SAP provides services to industries like Energy & Natural Resources, Finance, Consumer Industries and Public services.


Centri is an internet of things provider with a unique purpose-built IoT security platform created by developers to protect data from chip-to-cloud. Centri’s area of expertise is to create software which eliminates the risk of data theft and delivers device integrity by integrating a wide spectrum of standards-based technologies to accelerate customers’ time-to-market. Centri is also an IoT leader in layered security for endpoints and edge data for gateways.

10.  Eastern Peak

Eastern peak is an internet of things Provider Company with about 200 employees which provides custom IoT app development services to startups and medium-sized companies. Eastern peak’s professionals have expertise in IoT software development.

11. GE Digital 

This is an IoT company with over 10, 000 employers with roles mainly in software and advisory services. GE digital has industrial apps like Predix Asset Performance Management, Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems, etc. GE Digital provides IoT solutions to industries in sectors like food and beverage, automotive, chemicals, steel manufacturing, semiconductor, pulp & paper manufacturing, water or wastewater, 

12.  Solution Analysts

Solution Analysts is a global IoT solutions provider composed of about 200 employees. This company specializes in web app development, mobile app development and e-commerce development.  Solution analysts deliver IoT services in domains like IoT consulting, IoT app development, IoT operational support, IoT maintenance. The company also builds iBeacon applications, wearables (e.g.: smartwatch), farm bots and home automation.

13. Bosch IoT Sensor Company

Bosch is an IoT solutioner with over 10, 000 employees and provides services for Drive and Control Technology, Packaging Technology, Power tools for Professionals, Security Solutions, and Software Solutions. Bosch’s IoT Suite connects and manages devices, sensors, and gateways securing access management.

14.  IQ Direct Inc.

IQ Direct Inc. is an outsourcing IoT company that offers IoT development services to small and medium business in the fields of business automation, development and implementation of electronic devices and applications.

15.  Style Lab IoT Software Company

Style lab is an IoT company with less than 200 employees providing services for Mobile Applications, Web front-end reporting & analytics, Middleware & Low-level, and backend infrastructure & integration. Though famous for software development services, style lab also provides solutions in domains like Smart Homes, Industrial IoT, and Healthcare IoT

16.  Helium

Helium is an internet of things platform with a unique ability to provide wireless coverage for low power Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Helium has an IoT developer platform that builds a peer-to-peer wireless network and transfers IoT device data.

17.  Huawei

a multinational company with over 10, 000 employees providing telecom equipment, consumer electronics, and networking equipment. Though Huawei is famous for its phones, tablets, and laptop, it, however, has developed an IoT platform that provides smart water solutions, AMI Smart Meter Reading, Shared Bike Lock, Smoke Detection Smart Building, Smart Factory, eLTE Gas Detection, Elevators, Smart Parking, Smart Gas, etc.

18.  Invoxia

Invoxia is a big player in telecommunications products, speakers and phones. In addition, on its IoT platform, it offers a unique GPS tracker to help secure personal belongings, devices or even modes of transport.

19.  Particle

Works with companies like Jacuzzi, Continental Tires, Watsco, Shifted Energy, Anderson EV, and Opti to deliver end-to-end IoT platform that combines software, hardware, and connectivity as an integrated solution that ensures their customers’ IoT products are reliable, scalable, and secure.

20.  Softarex Technologies

An IoT company with about 200 employees with expertise in IoT software development providing internet of things services in areas like smart homes, smart cities, environment monitoring and more.

The top IoT companies listed above offer IoT services in different domains like security, analytics, industrial, connected devices/products and homes. Almost everyone will like to enjoy the fascinating life-easing facilities offered by IoT systems but to make maximum and seamless use of these benefits there are points to consider which are their service scalability for a broad base, cost, recovery in case of a failover, interoperability for third party integrations, dashboard customization, security for privacy and IoT Protocols Compatibility in case of system expansion.

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