Top Elementor Addons to Use in 2022

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From our review of the best WordPress page builders we recommended, Elementor was our top pick. This was because of its beginner-friendly interface and powerful modern features.

Another good reason why Elementor stood out was because of the wide array of third-party addons available to use with it.

We’d be looking at 7 Elementor addons you should consider using.

1. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro website
Elementor Pro

Elementor’s free version is awesome, no doubt. But to build truly beautiful, functional and dynamic pages, it just isn’t enough. This is where Elementor Pro comes in. It supercharges the basic tool with over 60 powerful widgets, and over 300+ page templates to meet your needs.

One interesting feature of Elementor Pro is its Theme Builder. This powerful feature gives you control over the essential sections of your website, including its Header, Footer, Blog, and 404 page. In other words, you can design the important parts of your website without necessarily purchasing a theme.


Elementor Pro has the following pricing options which are charged yearly;

  • Essential, for 1 website at $49.
  • Expert, for 25 websites at $199
  • Studio, for 100 websites at $499.
  • Agency, for 1,000 websites at $999.

You can get Elementor Pro for 3 websites (Advanced) at $99 right here.


2. ElementsKit

ElementsKit's website

Built by the WPMet team, ElementsKit is another impressive Elementor extension. It offers a large number of design elements, giving you the design flexibility to create a website that suits your design needs.

The primary goal of page builders are to speed up the development process, and ElementsKit helps achieve just that. It offers over 20 complete pages and over 500 elements that are regularly updated, helping you build a complete website in a matter of hours/days.

ElementsKit is a freemium product and while the free version comes packed with useful design elements, the Pro version offers way more essential elements and can help cut the development time further.


ElementsKit’s Pro version is subscription-based and is offered either yearly at;

  • Personal, at $39
  • Professional, at $87
  • Agency, at $179

It can also be gotten at a lifetime pricing option of;

  • Personal, at $119
  • Professional, at $259
  • Agency, at $489

3. Happy Addons

Happy Addons' website
Happy Addons

The Happy Addons Elementor extension claims to be “a powerhouse of an interactive, super fast and scalable design system.” It aims to offer extraordinary designs and functionalities that were once made possible by professionals, to any user.

It stands out from other Elementor addons, thanks to its unique features. While most add-ons offer design elements, Happy Addons goes further by creating different presets for most of their elements, introducing a unique style to your design.

Another exciting feature is its Cross-Domain copy paste. This feature allows you to easily copy the design element/layout of one site and copy it to another, saving yourself from repetitive work.

Happy Addons also offers exciting features like animations and an impressive library of icons and readymade page templates.


Just like ElementsKit, Happy Addons is a freemium product. The free version is awesome but doesn’t offer the important features like Cross-Domain copy paste and presets, making the pro version a much better choice. The pro version is available at the following pricing options;

  • Starter, for 1 site at $31,
  • Professional, for 5 sites at $67, and
  • Business, for 1,000 sites at $132

It also offers a lifetime option, at;

  • Starter, for 1 site at $104,
  • Professional, for 5 sites at $209, and
  • Business, for 1,000 sites at $275

4. Essential Addons

Essential Addons' website
Essential Addons

Essential Addons is the most popular Elementor addon in the market at the moment, boasting over 22 million installs and over 1 million active customers.

It offers a wide array of content (both dynamic and static), marketing, creative, documentation, and WooCommerce elements. It also offers exciting features like Content Protection, a Reading progress bar (for blog posts), and Parallax.


Essential Addons is a freemium product and just like other freemium products, the free version lacks some important features like Content Protection. They currently have the following pricing options:

  • 1 Website, at $39.97
  • Unlimited, at $99.97, and
  • Lifetime Unlimited, at $249.97

5. Unlimited Elements

Unlimited Elements' website
Unlimited Elements

Unlimited Elements is an Elementor addon that focuses more on functionality, making it a top choice for experienced developers and designers. Just like other addons, they offer a library of creative widgets, reducing the need for installing multiple plugins on your site.

One unique feature Unlimited Elements offers is its Widget Creator,  an easy-to-use framework to create widgets in Elementor with basic programming knowledge. You can also convert any jQuery plugin to a widget with this tool.

It’s powered by the Twig Scripting Engine, a PHP template engine. This gives you the ability to use Twig functions in your widgets.


Unlimited Elements is a freemium product. Its pro version is offered on an annual basis at;

  • Starter, for 1 site at $39
  • Professional, for 5 sites at $99
  • Business, for unlimited sites at $149

6. JetPlugins

JetPlugins' website

JetPlugins isn’t just an addon, but a suite of utility add-ons that can help supercharge your site. Developed by Crocoblock, a leading Ukrainian Elementor plugin developer, JetPlugins is a package that is sufficient enough to build any modern website with Elementor. Some tools in the JetPlugins package include;

  • JetElements, which is similar to the addons we’ve talked about earlier, contains over 40 must-have design widgets.
  • JetTricks, a tool that offers a decent amount of visual effects to your design elements.
  • JetBooking, allowing you to implement a booking system to your Elementor powered website.


The whole JetPlugins package is offered on an annual basis at;

  • All-Inclusive, for 1 site, at $130
  • All-Inclusive Unlimited, for unlimited websites, at $265

They also offer you a custom plan allowing you to pick just the addon that you need without paying for it all. They also offer a lifetime plan at $750 for all their plugins.

7. WooLentor

WooLentor's website

Dubbed as the “WooCommerce page builder”, WooLentor is an e-commerce focused Elementor addon. It helps supercharge your WooCommerce store with modern user-intuitive features in just a matter of minutes of proper setup.

With WooLentor, you can build and design a fully customised Cart and Checkout page, and add a beautiful notification system to display orders in real-time, adding authenticity to your online store.

WooLentor also adds some features that leading online stores currently utilise. Some of these features are;

  • Product QR Code, allowing your customers to add products to their carts by simply scanning the product’s QR code on their phone.
  • Stock Progress Bar, to display the number of ordered products and available products.
  • Sales Countdown Timer, a useful feature for discounts to notify where a countdown timer shows a customer the time left for a sales offer to expire.


Just like other addons, WooLentor is a freemium product. Its premium version, WooLentor Pro is offered yearly at;

  • Plus, for 1 site at $49
  • Elite, for 5 sites at $99, and
  • Agency, for unlimited sites at $149

They also offer a Lifetime offer for those who wouldn’t want to pay on an annual basis.


This wraps up our review of the top Elementor addons you should use in your next web project. Elementor is no doubt one of the best page builders in the market right now, but having an add-on would help step up your website’s design and functionality and make it stand out from competitors.

Also, put in mind that all listed add-ons can be used all together, but you should be wary of doing that for performance reasons. You should instead, carefully look for the one that has enough design elements that suit your needs, or if you’re an experienced user, pick the one which offers you more freedom and functionality.

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