Tesla Opens Its Electric Chargers to Other EVs

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Tesla, the trillion-dollar company is opening up its charging networks for other electric vehicles. The process will commence with 10 locations in the Netherlands (a part of the company’s plan to make electric vehicles mainstream).

Tesla has approximately 25,000 charging locations, which makes it the largest charging network in the world. Elon Musk wishes to expand the procedure globally. The chargers will work with an electric car that has a Combined Charging System (CCS) port.

This scheme is used by global automakers including Ford, the Volkswagen Group and Daimler. To get started, Non-Tesla drivers will have to download the Tesla app and proceed to create an account. When completed, you select ‘Charge Your Non-Tesla’ to search for a location, add a payment method and commence charging.

As expected, there will be different charging experiences for a Tesla and another electric vehicle. Tesla users can easily plug in and out; while others will have to indicate on the app when to begin and end the charging session.

Tariffs will be the same for Tesla users whereas, while additional costs will be incurred for non-Tesla users.

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