Sony Reveals The PlayStation VR2’s Design

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Sony has finally unrevealed its new virtual reality headset.

The design was revealed sometime in February 2021 where they showed off its controllers in March, they also confirmed it would be called VR2 in January.

The VR headset has a round appearance (than its predecessor) and comes with newer comfort features. Its design has features that include a white-and-black colour scheme (similar to the PlayStation 5).

Sony’s VR headset will require a PlayStation for it to run. The headset will support haptic feedback, an eye tracker, foveated rendering, a field of view of 110 degrees, 4K HDR and 90/120Hz frame rates.

Sony’s SVP of platform experience, Hideaki Nishino, has described the headset’s profile as similar to that of the orb-like PS VR2 controllers. In his words, ‘the circular orb shape represents the 360-degree view that players will feel when they enter the virtual reality world, so this shape captures it nicely.

According to Nishino, Sony designed the headset with comfort in mind. It comes with a new lens adjustment dial and weighs slightly less than its predecessor. Tiny PlayStation symbols have been added to the front and backhands of the PS VR2 headset which will add a comfortable feel for players to enjoy.

You should know that it’s been five years since the original PSVR came out and this new unveiling comes as an overdue upgrade.

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