Joe Doucet Designs An Aesthetic Yet Functional Wind Turbine

Joe Doucet's Wind Turbine
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New York designer, Joe Doucet has created a wind turbine wall, which combines art and technology to solve the trumping issue of renewable energy.

It’s designed to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. The turbine wall consists of a set of rotary blades that spin individually, driving a mini generator that creates electricity.

Joe Doucet’s Wind Turbine via

It’s made of a grid of square panes that spin at the same time along 25 axes. It also has 25 wind turbine generators that are attached to vertical rods, with panels attached to them.

The wind turbine which is designed by Joe can be utilized at home, in a business, can be stored in a wall-mounted battery. It can also be fed back into the national grid which provides revenue for the owner.

This creation is coming at a time when climate change is creating havoc and people are seeking effective ways to source renewable energy. Joe chose to design his creation after a turbine because “it is an alternative to fossil fuels, its widely distributed, it produces no greenhouse effect and uses little land.”

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