Instagram Releases an ‘Add Yours’ Sticker for Better Interaction Amongst Users

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Instagram put out an announcement introducing a new feature – an ‘Add Yours’ sticker.

With this feature, audiences can share the sticker and see who responds to it via their own stories and will create a public thread. This feature was initially tested in Japan and Indonesia before it was globally launched.

instagram new "add yours" sticker
Credit: Instagram

To make use of this feature, you record (or post) a story and select the sticker icon from the top navigation bar. You’ll see the new sticker – Add Yours – which can be added to any caption and will prompt others (your followers or anyone who has a public account) to start a thread.  

This new addition is made for more interaction from users which will make their response visible and more discoverable to follow. This will be the first time Instagram will add a way for people to publicly participate in this kind of format.

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