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Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies which tries to simulate human reasoning in AI systems incorporated with AI algorithms. The inventor  John McCarthy said, ‘Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make machines use language, form abstractions, and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans, and improve themselves.’

Today, his theory has been developed to the extent that the importance of artificial intelligence spans through every aspect of our daily lives.

Importance of artificial intelligence

The advantages of Artificial intelligence and it’s applications have come to enable the world to enjoy the simplification of arduous tasks that used to be carried out by humans and making work much easier via:

1. 24/7 Availability

To be productive, people need to have refreshment from time to time. A great reinforcement of this human weakness can be obtained with AI-powered machines as explained. 

  • Machines don’t require frequent breaks and refreshments as like human beings.
  • That can be programmed to work for long hours and can able to perform the job continuously without getting bored or distracted or even tired.
  • Using machines, we can also expect the same kind of results irrespective of timings, season and etc., those we can’t expect from human beings.

2. Reduction in Human Error:

Human beings are prone to physiology, fatigue, stress, emotions, aging, etc. All of these might poorly reflect on decision-making.

The advantage of using Artificial Intelligence is, it helps us for error reduction and increasing the chance of reaching higher accuracy with a greater degree of precision. For example, an overly-stressed doctor or pilot of a falling plane might make a fatal mistake, which will lead to a tragedy, to say nothing of the accidents caused by drunk drivers.

3 . Handling Repetitive Jobs

Undoubtedly, machines surpass humanity in meticulous tasks. Thus, applying artificial intelligence at work will decrease the workload, empower humans to upgrade their skills. Free from monotonous work, employees will be able to focus on the creative aspects of their jobs. Eventually, this combination of man and machine will make the world a better place.

  • Repeated jobs are tedious in nature. That kind of jobs can be easily handled with the help of AI algorithms. These kinds of job don’t require much intelligence in between the process.
  • Machines can think much faster than humans and can perform multi-tasking to obtain the best results.
  • Machine intelligence can be employed to carry out dangerous tasks which may cause injury to the human involved in that. Their parameters can be adjusted is the benefit here. Their speed and time can be customized based on the requirement calculation.
  • In the computer game, the machine itself plays the game like as an opponent based on our activity in the game. The machine plans its movement based on the user response. So, we can say gaming is one of the most common uses of the advantages of artificial intelligence.

4. Digital Assistance

Some of the highly advanced organizations use digital assistants to interact with users which saves the need for human resources. The digital assistants also used in many websites to provide things that users want.

  • Highly advanced organizations already implemented machines on behalf of humans to interact with their customers by using ‘avatars’. It is the digital assistants or replicas which will help to reduce the need for human resources.
  • For AI Machines, emotions only can be identified in the way of rational thinking.
  • Robots can’t identify the sentimental factor of the user. It actually programmed for only think logically and take the right program decisions based on the existing experience taught to the machine.
  • Emotions can’t be identifying by the machines that may be dissatisfying the customer. In that case, we need human intervention.

5. Takes risks instead of Humans

Another importance of artificial intelligence is employing AI capabilities for dangerous tasks will reduce the risk to human well-being and safety.

  • Artificial Intelligence and the science of robotics are the fascinating advancements in technological development. Using this, we can able to handle the huge volume of data for storing and processing but not limited to as well as we can use that in the process of mining and other fuel exploration processes.
  • These complex machines can be utilized to overcome human limitations. We can utilize these machines as a replacement for the humans wherever we felt the process done by the human is hazardous but can’t neglect that because of the goodness or results received.
  • They can perform difficult tasks and accurate work with greater responsibility without any lag. Moreover, they do not wear out easily.

6. Medical Applications

One of the most important advantages of AI system usage is extending knowledge in the medical field. An AI wearable device can monitor a person 24/7 and ensure fast diagnostics and disease prevention.

  • Doctors/Physician assesses the patient’s health-related data and intimates the risk factors to the customers via the health care devices with the help of artificial machine intelligence.
  • It helps the patient to know about the side effects of different medicines and also behaves as personal digital care. Artificial surgery simulator is the great innovation part of the AI.
  • Currently, we have huge software to detect as well as monitor the neurological disorders. It can simulate the functionality of the human brain.
  • Robotics is used often in the treatment for mentally sick patients to come out from their depression also make them remain active in the real world.
  • The current medical industry has the popular application of artificial intelligence in Radiosurgery. It helps us to operate the tumours without damaging the unaffected surrounding tissues.

7. Day to Day Application

 In our daily needs, a smartphone also becomes the 4th necessity for the human along with dress, food & shelter.

  • If you are using a smartphone (taking a selfie, making a phone call, replying to a mail and many more.), it indirectly means that you are enjoying the AI by knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Siri app for iOS devices or Cortana for Windows devices to help us out.
  • We also prefer the help from GPS for the long drives and trips. 
  • In the part of utilities, we can find that how they predict what we are going to type and provide the suggestion to correct the human errors in spelling.
  • While coming to the social media users based utilities, the artificial intelligence algorithm identifies and detects the person’s face and tags the individuals while we post the photographs on the social media sites.
  • AI is widely deployed and utilized by the financial institutions and banking sectors to organize and manage data. As well as used in the detection of fraud in smart card-based system transactions.


Meteorologists can trace potential severe storms faster by analyzing clouds movements with the help of artificial intelligence.

More and more researchers use computer vision and machine learning techniques to detect coming cyclones in real-time. This functionality allows us to properly prepare for natural disasters that impact the lives of millions.

Besides, the weather determines the best time to plant and harvest crops. With accurate weather information in hand, farmers will be able to maximize their yield. Hence the importance of artificial intelligence in agriculture as well.


Not only Mark Zuckerberg benefits from these AI pros. Apple, Google, and Amazon provide free access to their assistants. Smart technology helps busy people to run their household routine and manage basic tasks. 

  • Some AI assistants can even understand the context of a request and synchronize data between all the devices like phone, car, tv, and even fridge. Thus, it is possible to control them from any point inside and outside the house.
  • AI-powered smart homes not only make life simpler and more dynamic but help to save money and reduce water and energy consumption. 
  • High-efficiency systems include appliances that intelligently regulate the use of specific resources. When integrated into a smart network, these devices can reduce costs even more

10. Rational Decision Maker

We as humans may have evolved to a great extent technologically, but when it comes to decision making, we still allow our emotions to take over. In certain situations, it becomes important to take quick, efficient and logical decisions without letting our emotions control the way we think. AI-powered decision making will be controlled with the help of algorithms and thus, there is no scope for emotional decision making. This ensures that efficiency will not be affected and increases productivity. 

The importance of artificial intelligence can’t be overemphasised as AI is powering many inventions in almost every domain which will help humans solve the majority of complex problems.  For example: recently doctors can predict breast cancer in women at earlier stages using advanced AI-based technologies.

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