Facebook Now Known As Meta

logo of Meta, Facebook's new rebrand
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Mark Zuckerberg announced at the Facebook Connect 2021 event the company’s change of name to Meta. In his words, ‘the change of name aims to represent the company as a global brand and not just as a social media company moving forward.’

He officially became the CEO and chairman of Meta, the new parent company of Facebook on Thursday. The company already has its official website named meta.com and also an official Twitter handle.

The website was formerly known as meta.org and was part of a philanthropic aspect Mark and Priscilla (his wife) founded sometime in 2015. Mark also intends Meta to report on two operating phenomena, called Reality Labs and Family of Apps.

The change of name is an attempt to focus on the ‘metaverse’ which will act as a host for augmented and virtual reality features. Mark also claims this new move will be the future of social networking.

This transition is similar to that of Google, which created a parent company Alphabet back in 2015, representing its shift beyond a search engine. All this is coming after Facebook and its subsidiary platforms went down for more than six hours; which made Mark lose £4.4billion.

The names of Facebook’s products — Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram aren’t affected by this rebrand.

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