Blizzard Cancels BlizzConline

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Blizzard took to their blog to announce their intention to step back on the BlizzConline event which was scheduled to hold by February 2022.  

They also added they will like to take time to reimagine what a BlizzCon event of the future will look like; adding that they will like to ensure that it feels as safe, welcoming and inclusive as possible. They also stated even though the event won’t take place in February, announcements and updates will be made.

The game company didn’t give too much detail; however, they did indicate that they are excited about what they will do with the event when it is revisited in the future.

This announcement is coming after the California lawsuit over the studio’s culture of abuse, harassment and discrimination towards women. They are also alleged to have a ‘frat-boy culture. Earlier this month, more than 20 employees left the company after an internal investigation and actions were taken against 20 employees.  

BlizzCon began in 2005 and has grown to have a massive fan base. As of 2018, they attracted over 40,000 attendees for their show.

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