Best Resources to Learn Cyber Security (Free and Paid)

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What are the needed Skills?  

There are numerous technical skills for someone who is finding a path in the Cyber Security world. Some of those skills are not negotiable for anyone who wishes to survive and reach the climax in the field of Cyber Security, as discussed in our Cyber Security guide. Beyond the skills mentioned in our Cyber Security guides, there is a need for security officers to understand the following:

1. Prevention

It is the responsibility of a security officer to prevent an attack on its environment. To perform such, someone must have many technical skills depending on the area of Cyber Security one is working with, but it is a must for all Cyber Security officers to prevent an attack.

2. Detection

No matter how much you try, there will likely be someone at some point that will be able to break your defence and enter your domain, what distinguished expert from a non-expert is the ability to detect if an attack has occurred or not. It is a technical skill that can be curtailed with some technology like Intrusion Detection System etc.

3. Recovery

It is not a question of whether an attack will occur again. It is a question of when an attack will occur so every Cyber Security professional should know that recovery skills are a must in other to scale to the height of career in Cyber Security world. Backup knowledge and some other risk management skills are needed for Cyber Security professional also in the field.

Where can I learn these skills?

With many benefits and sweet stories about Cyber Security, there is no way anyone can enjoy its jobs without going through the training. Luckily, there are resources one can access to acquire these needed skills at the convenience of one’s room with little or no resources.

Paid Resources

1. Udemy

The site is a well-known site for learning various skills, including Cyber Security. The site has many Cyber Security courses from people like CyberMentor who made well-explanatory videos and practical guides on Cyber Security for a small amount of money.

Udemy offers a certificate for as low as $50 with many available free vouchers for users to purchase those courses for a lower amount or free.

2. Coursera

Courserais another knowledge bank where people can get access to a lot of needed tutorial on how to start or improve their Cyber Security career. The site also offers those skills with a recognized certificate for those who purchased a course.

3. Future Learn

Future Learn offers a wide range of short and free online sources, with the opportunity to pay for certificates of participation either at the course level or else access all content for a set fee. The courses themselves are well-presented in short and easy to work sections that make learning simple and interesting.

4. NextGen

Two US Air Force veterans created NexGen with extensive experience teaching and training network engineering and Cyber Security.

The Cyber Security track features two courses; Basic Training, which serves as a prerequisite, and Cyber Security Specialization. Experienced candidates, however, can skip Basic Training by `taking a series of tests to prove their skills.

The Basic Training course costs four payments of $497 and prepares you for the Full-Stack Network Associate (FSNA) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certificates. No prior experience is necessary, and the course is self-paced, so you can start and finish at any time.

The Cyber Security Specialization training takes place over 22 weeks. It covers everything you need to know to protect businesses from cyber threats and includes access to NexGen’s Career Services, helping students enter the workforce upon completion.

Free Resources

1. SANS Cyber Access

SANS Cyber Access is an online platform that teaches the core concepts needed to assess and protect information security systems. The forum was developed by SANS, the most trusted and the largest source for information security training and security certification in the world. The course is an engaging, self-paced, easy to use a combination of tutorial and videos. It’s available as open courseware so you can take it anytime and at no cost for training.

2. YouTube

YouTube is an excellent avenue for people to learn for free. It has quality channels packed with many expert videos on the solution to some certain security problems, or guides on how to perform some certain tasks.

Majority if not all of those videos are made available for free, and anyone can access them.

3. Open Security Training

Open Security Training is another free platform that offers Cyber Security training for those who wish to know for free. The platform hosts a range of intermediate and advanced classes, along with a swath of beginner lessons that any newbie wouldn’t want to pass up.


The paid platforms offer a great deal in Cyber Security with recognized certificates and hours of training. Even without enough financial resources, you can start a career in Cyber Security by using any of the available free resource platforms. There is really no obstacle to encounter if you are ready to find your way into the Cyber Security world.

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