Apple Rolls Out Digital IDs with Terms and Conditions

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The tech company announced earlier in September their plans to adopt driver’s licence and state IDs in the Apple Wallet.

The company had an agreement with some states (Kentucky, Maryland, Iowa, Arizona, Utah, Connecticut and Georgia) in the U.S which indicated their addition of digital IDs like driver’s licence which will be added to the Apple Wallet and it includes strict terms and conditions which will be footed to the taxpayer.  

Apple will have sole control of several aspects of the rollout as it will be supported in iOS 15 which will be convenient but will also come with tight requirements for the governments that intend to use them.  

Customers will be able to tap the plus icon at the top of the Wallet app to add their ID, from there they can simply make use of their iPhone or Apple Watch on an identity reader to a TSA checkpoint- all without taking out their physical card.  

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Apple is known for its obsession with privacy and secrecy. The company contracts with the above states include ‘when the program will be launched, what types of devices will be compatible and how states are required to report on the performance of the report.’

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