Amazon Opens Preorders for Halo View

a screengrab of the amazon halo view
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Amazon announced their fitness tracker in September; the Halo View, which comes with a colour screen. Similar to Google’s Fitbit Charge 5, it comes with seven-day battery life.  

The Halo View comes with one free year of membership to Halo Fitness, Amazon fitness and nutrition program which costs $4 per month. The device also features on-demand workouts and meditations, together with recipes from Whole Foods Market and Weight Watchers.

The device is 50m water-resistance, has an optical heart-rate sensor, sleep tracking and blood oxygen (that can be recorded in the background). It also tracks your skin temperature at night (similar to the Oura Ring and Fitbit Sense) and shows changes that are relative to previous nights.  

It launches on December 8 and will cost $79.99 across the US, but can be gotten at $49.99 during the preorder period. It will come in two sizes: small/medium and medium/large. Sizes will be available in colour options of Active Black, Sage Green or Lavender Dream.

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